Here at the Colfax Guitar Shop your guitar will be serviced by professional luthiers.

Owner Dave Dougherty has been repairing guitars professionally for over 20 years. After graduating from a prominent Luthier School, Dave got his start repairing guitars in the Philadelphia area for a well respected member of the guitar community and Martin Guitar board member. This connection allowed Dave the opportunity to have "free reign" in the Martin Guitar repair shop on many occasions. Having worked as a Certified Warranty center for nearly all major manufacturers over the years, Dougherty has vast experience in every area of the guitar industry.

Dave continued to expand his skill and knowledge when he started working for a well respected "High End Acoustic Guitar Shop" repairing and customizing hand made guitars from some of the best builders in the country. Dave also started to learn the "Vintage Guitar" market at the same time, collecting guitars and providing repair work and maintenance for many local collectors and dealers.

After opening his own shop, Dave continued to work with all of his original stores and contacts, while expanding to work with many others. Dougherty ability to "interview" his clients about their playing style, guitar preferences and wants, set him apart from many other techs. He WILL get your guitar playing to it best ability based on YOUR needs!

Purchasing the Colfax Guitar Shop 3 years ago, Dougherty continues to expand his skill and knowledge as a luthier. Stop by and you'll be meet with respect and honesty in a professional, friendly environment.

Christian Phillips graduated from a prominent School of Luthiery as well. After school Christian enrolled in a 2 year apprenticeship under a professional Guitar Builder/ Repairman. This apprenticeship gave Christian the opportunity to perform MANY "conversions" in this shop. This process of "rebuilding" guitars provides excellent skills and techniques needed to grow in this field.
Having set his mind early on to a career as a professional luthier, Christian continues to expand his knowledge and skill in this field. Now in his 6th year, Christian is a valued asset to the shop and fully capable of providing the highest level of service and care demanded by this shop.

Stop in and introduce yourself the Dave and Christian.

3220 E. Colfax Ave. Denver, Co. 80206