General Set-ups
Includes: Truss rod adjustment, nut and saddle height, intonation, dress fret ends, buff and polish minor scratches in frets, condition fret board, clean electronics, tighten and lube hardware, re-string and tune.
$60.00 for most guitars, basses, mandolins, etc.

$75.00 for some "floating" Floyd Rose tremolo.

Full Set Up

Includes: General set up with a Full Fret Level and Crown.

Includes: Removal of all frets, planning uneven fingerboard/ re-radius, cleaning all fret slots, installing new fretwire, dressing fret ends, bone nut (if applicable) and a Full Set Up.
$320.00 most ebony and rosewood board without binding
$350.00 with binding
$400.00 maple boards that require finish work (not always necessary)

Bone Nut or Saddle
: Includes General Set Up
Compensated Bone Nut AND Saddle: Includes General Set Up

Acoustic Pickup Install
Electric Pickup Install
$35.00 for 1 pickup
$55.00 for 2 pickups
$70.00 for 3 pickups
Replace Jack

Structural Repairs
  Bridge Reglue 
  Body Cracks (must be inspected)
  Loose Braces
  $20.00 per brace
  Broken Headstock
  $150.00 (with touch up)
  $350.00 (refinish entire neck to new)
 Neck Reset: Includes compensated bone saddle and set up.
 $400.00 (Most dovetail joints)